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Searching for the Best Web Hosting Company in Singapore?

Look no further… I found the best hosting in Singapore with Exabytes

Over the past 20 years, I’ve built hundreds of websites, from the leading School of the Arts in Singapore, to several websites for SingTel, Informatics, big and small educational, medical and service companies in Singapore and beyond… I used the Elementor Website builder for most sites.

In the first few years, I always used to host my websites in the United States, opting for hosting companies like Cloudways or SiteGround. I even tried some cheap web hosting companies to save a few dollars in the early days of the Internet.

Choose The Best Web Hosting in Singapore With Exabytes

Huge Success With Shared Web Hosting

And my experience was really good in the first few years. I started to grow my blog, and had quite a few articles ranking in Yahoo, Google and the search engines that do not even exist now…

I had a good following on my Blog, and thousands of people subscribed to my email marketing tips, Web Design Tips and SEO tips on my website, and through the RSS feeds that were popular in the early days of the Internet. My overall cost of the website was less that Sixty dollars per year, and I felt good in saving quite a sum from just hosting.

Every time I used to send my Weekly Newsletter, a lot of people enquired about our web design services, email marketing and SEO services. We had a good number of leads who were converting and sales was really good.

Disaster Strikes With Cheap Web Hosting

Then a disaster happened, and the web server crashed. I tried to contact the hotline at the US web hosting company, but no one picked up the phone… we were based in Singapore, and our host did not offer 24 hour support. I then checked their website, and found a place to create a service ticket after a lot of hunting and searching.

It seems the web hosting company’s servers were attacked by a deadly DDOS server. And it took a long time to recover. They did not have any solid backup plans in place, and so for more than 2 weeks my site was down. Worst of all, I did not have any backups, so had to wait for my site to come up from their old backups.

I lost several customers, and the biggest pain was the loss of our reputation. Being the advisor to others, I was caught without guard. Everyone became suspicious of our services, and some even thought we closed shop, as our site was down…

During the painful downtime, I researched and found another, more secure and reliable web hosting company. It was Blue Host, a major competitor of Site Ground in the US. So I setup a hosting account with them, and took their help to get my services migrated. It was a whole month before we were up and running for good. That was a terrible period, and I hope and wish that no one has to see such a disaster and loss to our reputation and our business.

Lesson Learned from Cheap Hosting Solutions

From then onwards, I have been super careful about choosing a web hosting company, and have often asked a lot of questions before choosing them.

You must check them out for several different things. I have outlined them for your benefit too at the bottom of this article.

Google SEO Algorithm Updates Made Changes To Ranking Factors

After the Penguin Update from Google, which changed the way Search Engines ranked pages, several new factors were added – among them, the country where the server was hosted, the reputation of the IP Address and the Server, the hosting company, the length of the domain name etc. were added, I realized that we started losing the ranking of our Singapore customers, as all of my sites were hosted in the US.

My Search For a Good Quality Hosting in Singapore


I stated my search for a good quality hosting in Singapore to improve on my SEO for Singapore sites.

I tried with a few different companies, hosting a site of my own on each of the three key website hosting companies in Singapore at that time.

However, some closed shop soon, and the support was not good for others.

Rather than look for a Shared Hosting server, I wanted a dedicated server in Singapore, where I would have more control over the site, security, backups etc. and support was still at hand.

I realized that I wanted a Dedicated Hosting in Singapore. So I evaluated the current hosting and domain service providers with even greater care. WordPress is the best content management system that provides the best value, and a good web host should definitely have a WordPress hosting suitable for small businesses.

Today Google uses Site Speed, Mobile responsiveness of the site as major factors for ranking.

So, I wanted a hosting company that had fast servers, and a fast support system too.

I decided to setup a trial account with Exabytes Singapore, a premium Web Hosting Company in Singapore.

Exabytes Singapore - My Favorite Web Hosting Company in Singapore
Exabytes Singapore – My Favorite Web Hosting Company in Singapore

And I was pleasantly surprised by the speed of their web hosting services, and the responsiveness of their help desk and technical support staff.

They were using high performance, ultrafast, LightSpeed servers, and had a good 150,000 customers from their 20 years of history.

You might be thinking… I haven’t heard their name. But I am sure you have heard their brand name and subsidiary companies like Cybersite, Signetique & Usonyx. Maybe you hosted your sites there… They are all under the Exabytes group.

Exabytes Network (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., Usonyx, Signetique, Cybersite and Web are the subsidiary web hosting companies of Exabytes Capital Group. The Exabytes Capital Group Sdn Bhd is a leading web hosting provider in Southeast Asia serving over 160,000 customers (from individuals, students, small & medium sized businesses, to government and public listed companies) in 121 countries.

So if you are looking for a premium quality, best shared hosting, or best cloud hosting web hosts, or the local hosting provider for your website, you should definitely check out Exabytes Singapore.

Key Web Hosting Packages from Exabytes are:

There are several options to choose from in terms of packages from Exabytes – the Best Hosting Provider in Singapore in my opinion. I have checked with several other top web designers from the web design companies, and they agree with me too.

  • Business Web Hosting
  • WordPress Web Hosting
  • VPS Website Hosting
  • Dedicated Web Hosting
  • Customized Web Hosting Solutions
  • Business Email Hosting
  • eCommerce Store Design

On top of these web hosting packages, Exabytes also provides Domain Registration Services. In fact, if you WP 12 Business WordPress Hosting Plan, you will get a lifetime domain name for free too, as long as you continue to renew your hosting with them.

Elementor also offers WordPress Hosting Plans in the Cloud. These are great for small and medium sized sites.

  • Free Lifetime Domain Name
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 90 GB Fast SSD Storage
  • Free Daily Backup
  • Enhance Website Security360
  • Ultrafast LiteSpeed Server
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • WordPress Management
  • WordPress Acceleration
  • Support Basic WordPress
  • Support Cloudflare
  • 100 Days Money Back Guarantee

Great Customer Services With Fast Servers

With these many good and even great web hosting services available, my search for the best web hosts came to an end. Now I rely on Exabytes for a good, reliable, web hosting service, and can count on their support team in case I get stuck. They have a wide variety of hosting plans to choose from – using Plesk or the cPanel Control Panel. Their basic plan and the WordPress and Business hosting plans offer Plesk by default.

For customer support,, they offer live chat, as well as messaging using WhatsApp. You can also call their technical support hotline during office hours. Plus they do have a knowledge base of articles for simple self help too.

So if you are an individual, an SME, a home based business or a Freelancer, you will find a suitable hosting with Exabytes at affordable prices and a huge storage space to host multiple websites.

For setting up new websites, I would recommend to setup WordPress sites to start with. They are easy to manage, and today a business website done using WordPress looks pretty impressive, and is a fast loading, site.

I even have a personal blog using WordPress, and several online business sites that are setup with WooCommerce Shopping Cart Plugins using Elementor and WordPress.

Exabytes has 2 data centre in Singapore. The data centre with dedicated servers and virtual private server for the Singapore customers are based in Singapore, and the Server location is in Tai Seng.

So, how do you choose your Web Hosting Provider?

There are several factors to consider before you should choose where to host your website. After all, your entire business depends on your website. If you website foes down during the peak time, you not only lose sales, you lose a lot of reputation also.

Factors To Choose Best Web Hosting For Your Website

Factors to Consider When You Choose Your Web Hosting Service Provider?

The key factors of any Good Web Hosting that you should review are listed below. Make sure you understand them, and use them to evaluate the best hosting company for your website.

Location of Hosting Servers

It is better to host the website in a location that is closer to your primary prospects and clients. If you are serving a local customer base, it may make better sense to host your site on a web hosting server that is in your country. Most local providers will be hosting their servers in a local data centers, but some might choose cheaper servers hosted in other countries. So do check this key ranking factor. It is good for SEO and good for your customers and prospects too, as your site will load faster if it is stored locally.

Responsiveness of Help Desk Support

An extremely important factor, specially when you are stuck with a forgotten password, a malicious attack on your site, or when you goof up, and need your site restored from a previous backup… the responsiveness of customer service staff, and their response time is what makes or breaks a hosting choice for me.

Knowledge of Technical Support

Apart from speed and responsiveness, the technical knowledge of the support staff plays an important part. They must know how to install SSL certificates, how to perform daily backups and restores, help you out in a locked out situation, and even help you with WordPress optimization, or in helping to install or upgrade a plugin.

Cost of Web Hosting

While every wants the best website hosting with the cheapest plan, I would recommend that you choose a website host not because of the cost alone. The good news is that today you can find several decent quality WordPress website hosting with a free domain name for you, and quite an affordable price. For business owners , a good entry-level plan may seem good, but a medium sized plan may be better for the long term. They usually have more bandwidth, more capacity, more RAM, and yield better performance.

Refund Policy

Before you signup, just do a simple check on their refund policy. If you are not happy with their support, or feel that you have chosen a wrong package, having a web hosting with a good refund policy can be a life saver.

Security of your Websites

A free SSL is great. But if you are doing ecommerce, payment handling, a more secure SSL cert is often better. It may cost you as much as $300 per year but is totally worth it. Never keep your WordPress admin username easy to guess. There are literally millions of websites with their Admin username set to Admin. Easiest for hackers to exploit. So make a difficult to guess username, and an impossible to guess password. Keep all your plugins, themes and WordPress updates installed and keep your site up to date with the latest patches released by the developers.

Backup & Restoration Capabilities

While it is a good idea to have have automatic backup and restore options, if it best if you have control over this important process too. Sure, you can take the help from the customer service people, but it is better if you can backup your site at your own timing, and restore anytime too. There are several easy to install WordPress plugins that can backup or restore your website at your command. They are safe and easy to use.

What Freebies are included in your plans

Other than free domain name, or free SSL certificate, check if there is any advice or performance optimization service available. Web Hosting companies like WP Curve, and WP Engine provide additional WordPress advice and consultations. But the cost of these consultations is quite steep. But a good option to have if you can afford it.

WordPress Support & Optimization Services

A fast loading website is important. With website builders like Elementor, or Wix, a site can become slow with the hundreds of plugins people install.

Dedicated or Shared IP Address

Shared hosting service will often have hundreds of websites, sharing the IP Addresses. A dedicated hosting may be too expensive but comes with its own IP address. Yet, a virtual private server or VPS is usually a better option. It usually comes with a dedicated IP Address, and it is your own virtual server. So you get the best of both worlds – a cheaper alternative to dedicated web hosting, a server of your own, with its own IP address, and full control of the server.

Exabytes turned out to be my best bet for Top Quality Web Hosting

You should check it out. I am sure you would lean toward them. After all, they are hosting over 160,000 websites in Asia, and are consistently rated the top hosting company too!

What are you looking for in your web hosting company? Let me know if you need any help in deciding where to host your website.

Vinai Prakash

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