Effective Email Marketing For Small Businesses

After designing & hosting a website, most businesses look for a simple yet effective email marketing solution.

That’s because Email Marketing is proven to be the cheapest medium for reaching mass audience.

So before you run to spend money with Google Ads or Facebook Ad campaigns, it is better to get your website ready. You must begin to collect leads and start building your email marketing assets.

Today, there are a number of great, low cost and effective solutions available in the market. At Brand Rich, we have tried and tested almost every email marketing solution. The cost varies from one end to the other considerably. We tried Aweber, Constant Contact, Vertical Response in the past. Now we have tried the newer breed of CRM software like Drip, Convert Kit or Active Campaign also. This software might come bundled with your Hosting solution too.

Mailer Lite: Simple & Effective Email Marketing

Mailerlite email marketing trial
Recently we stumbled upon Mailer Lite, a simple and extremely effective email marketing software. The system and interface is very clutter free, and the pricing is transparent and affordable for the small businesses.

They also offer a 30 day premium trial account, and the ability to send 12,000 emails per month is awesome.

Key MailerLite Features:

This software package is delivered over the cloud. Simply create an online account. The dashboard is all online, and you can do everything – from creating emails to managing your subscribers, and tracking ROI, all from the online dashboard of MailerLite.

Create amazing campaigns

Mailerlite - effective email marketing solution

Forget about hiring a designer. The Mailerlite drag & drop editor allows you to build professional and beautiful newsletters on your own. No HTML skills required!

Grow your audience

We know how important new subscribers are to your business. The Mailerlite website builder, landing pages, pop-ups and embedded forms help you attract new people from across the Internet.

  • Website builder
  • Landing pages
  • Pop-ups
  • Embedded forms
  • Subscriber management

Deliver the right message

Personalize your campaigns with our advanced targeting features and deliver the right email to each subscriber when it’s right for them. The best part—you can set it up in minutes with Mailer Lite – the most effective email marketing software out there!

  • Email automation
  • Interest groups (tagging)
  • Personalization
  • Segmentation
  • Promotion pop-ups

Summary of Effective Email Marketing Solution:

So what are you waiting for? simply create a trial account, and take it out for a test drive. With a free premium account, you can send upto 12,000 emails for free, every month. That’s an amazing deal.

send free emails from mailerlite
Send 12000 free emails from MailerLite

Vinai Prakash
CEO, Brand Rich LLP

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