5 Best Plugins For WordPress

Looking for the Best Plugins for your WordPress site?

We test pretty much every plugin out there, and find the best. Much needed essential functionality for WordPress will be yours if you install these top WordPress plugins on your website. 

Here’s are list of Best, Recommended Plugins, which are completely Free to install and use on your WordPress site.

  1. Classic Editor: Since the advent of WordPress version 5, the default block editor is bundled in, and activated automatically. Most people struggle with it. The Classic Editor plugin by WordPress Contributors is a breeze to install, and works like a charm. There are over 5 million+ installs already.
    Classic Editor for WordPress Plugin

  2. Yoast SEO: WordPress pages and posts do not show any text boxes for keying in the Meta Description, Meta Keywords. These are absolutely essential to get high rankings on the search engines. Simply install the Yoast SEO plugin, and you get much more. You can even check the search engine listing preview on Desktop & Mobile devices. Yoast SEO Plugin

  3. Elementor Editor: Elementor is a fantastic drag and drop editor, which can create visually appealing pages and posts in minutes.  You can add a huge number of editable and customizable objects on the site.
    Elementor Plugin for WordPress
    Key widgets are:
    1. Text,
    2. Images,
    3. Dividers,
    4. Video,
    5. Backgrounds, 
    6. Headings,
    7. Star Ratings,
    8. Social Icons
    9. Toggle
    10. Progress Bars
    11. Image Carousel
    12. Icon List
    13. Counters
    14. Tabs
    15. Accordion
    16. Image Gallery
    17. Google Maps
    18. HTML
    19. Short Codes
    20. Buttons and much more…

There are even more professional looking widgets available in the Elementor Pro edition. It is a steal to get so many features in a single plugin. You can get:

  1. Price List
  2. Testimonial Carousel
  3. Flip Box
  4. Call To Action
  5. Reviews
  6. Share Buttons
  7. Facebook Button
  8. Login
  9. Forms
  10. Slides
  11. Portfolio
  12. Templates
  13. Lottie
  14. Logos
  15. Sitemaps
  16. Search Bar
  17. Author Box
  18. Featured Image
  19. Breadcrumbs
  20. Post Navigation 
  21. WooCommerce Products – There is a whole slew of Woo Commerce plugins to make your product listings stand out,
  22. Table of Contents are much more.

    Elementor allows you to build responsive websites. You can test how your site looks on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices, and tweak them. Plus Elementor is blazingly fast. An absolutely must have plugin for every WordPress Site Builder.

For every WordPress website I design, I pretty much by default install these plugins. I am already using the Elementor Pro Edition, which I use for hundreds of sites at the same low renewal cost each year. Our clients love the designs and it takes very little time to design or alter websites.

4. Really Simple SSL: This amazing plugin converts your entire HTTP website to an HTTPS website instantly at install. So you will avoid the “Not Secure” Error with this plugin. Really Simple SSL plugin updates the entire site’s URLs, handles redirects and enhances site security.Really Simple SSL

You’ll need to get a free SSL certificate in order to use this free plugin. You can use Let’s Encrypt SSL, which are free to install and use. 

5. UpdraftPlus: Simply the best Backup and Restore plugin for WordPress. UpdraftPlus provides:Updraft Plugin for WordPress Backups

  • Backup: Performs complete manual or scheduled backups of all your WordPress files, databases, plugins and themes.
  • Set schedules: Backup schedules every 4, 8 or 12 hours, daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • Restore: Restores backups directly from your WordPress control panel.
  • Cloning / Migration from one site to another
  • Incremental backups: Allows you to only backup changes to your files (such as a new image) that have been made to your site since the last backup.

There you have it. Just install these 5 Best plugins on your WordPress site. You just can’t go wrong with this decision. They have been tested and trusted by millions of installs, and power over 80% of all sites on the Internet.

6. Astra Theme

A solid, fast loading theme that can do wonders for your website.

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